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Many mysteries and myths surround the question of why we need sleep. Lack of good quality and/or quantity of sleep is something we become aware of very quickly as we feel the noticeable effects in our daily lives. We may feel tired and sluggish. We may become irritable, forgetful or clumsy. However these signs are the tip of the iceberg.
The National Sleep Foundation tells us that far from being a period when we shut down, sleep is an active period when a lot of important processing, restoration and strengthening occurs. Our bodies need long periods of sleep to physically restore us, repairing tissue, growing muscle and synthesising hormones.
There is much we can do to help improve our quality of sleep.
Here a a few tips :-
1. Identify and address any factors causing you stress.
2. Eat healthily – a diet high in refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol will not aid good sleep.
3. Establish a regular bedtime routine, where you can wind down before going to bed.
4. Banish the use of T.V.s, laptops, iPads, iPhones from your bedroom – your bedroom is a place for sleeping and not working.
5. Exercise regularly. Even gentle exercise can help. Make sure you don’t exercise within two hours of going to bed.
6. Try not to take naps during the day.
7. Keep a sleep diary. If you notice that you always wake at 4.30 am, it may be something as simple as that’s when the milkman is noisy outside.
8. Avoid caffeine prior to bed, including coffee, chocolate and fizzy drinks. They may not only stimulate your brain, but your bladder too.
9. Plan to have at least seven hours set aside for sleep, making it as important as any other appointment you may have.
10. Avoid looking at the clock.

When a habit of poor sleep is established, it can be difficult to change. At Inspire Holistics, you will find lots of help to break that habit.
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