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I’m writing this blog from Kassiopi in Northeast Corfu. This is where I take time once a year to completely relax and recharge my batteries.

Unless we take time to relax and revive, we just don’t perform as well as we might. Think of a car and of how much better it performs after a service, when everything is running smoothly.

We humans are a little like that. In a Reiki treatment, the aim is to ensure that all of our energy centres are smoothly aligned so that our energy can move and flow as freely and effectively as possible. When this happens, we perform so much better and life seems easier.

People often ask me how Reiki works. I describe it as a universal energy which can help us in whatever way we need it to, healing mind, body and spirit.


Imagine a game of Jenga when it is fresh out of the box. All of the blocks fit together perfectly, standing tall and straight. The structure is stable and strong. When we humans are born, we are a little like that. However, over time life, illness or negative events come along and pull a block out here and there. As time goes by, our structure is weakened and will wobble or completely collapse.

Reiki can help Jenga/humans. Reiki doesn’t try to replace those blocks but rather supports the structure so that it is possible to remain stable and functional, even with a few blocks missing!

So if you have issues with stress, poor sleep, pain, hormonal issues, or just need a “tune up”, then let Reiki help you. At the very least, you will have a whole hour which is all about you and when no-one can ask you to solve their problems.

My clients report that they feel a deep sense of wellbeing which lasts, and most are very reluctant to leave my peaceful treatment room at the end of their treatment.

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